The Restaurant

A piece of history

Created in the heart of Town of Mount-Royal’s oldest building and one of its historical landmarks, Villa Armando restaurant offers traditional Roman Cuisine to its guests.

Within this bicentennial house, the owners, Chef Armando Risa as well as Mrs Marie-Josée Boilard, invite you to discover authentic italian cuisine.

You will be delighted by the house’s private dining rooms coupled with the warm care and hospitality of the Chef, as well as the rest of Villa Armando’s welcoming staff, during your next visit.

Our Chef

More than 30 years of cooking around the world

30 years of cooking around the world

Armando Risa is the head chef and owner of Villa Armando in Town of Mount Royal. This italien chef traveled from Rome to London, passing by Brazil and Montreal. Today, leading his restaurant, he helps us discover authentic Italian cuisine in a beautiful bicentennial house.

Being the head chef and the owner, M. Risa has no time to spare. If he is not cooking, he is searching for new suppliers, wanting to find the best quality meats and products for his diners. Therefore, even during his break in the afternoon where the restaurant is closed from 15h00 to 17h00, following Italian tradition, this busy man is tending to his business.

After 35 years of cooking, Armando Risa is still passionate about the art of cooking and loves to create each dish. What satisfies him most about his career is when people adore what he is serving them: «When I make a dish, I make as if it were for me», he says. When the client is eating and tells me: “It’s like my mom’s cooking, it’s such a compliment.”

Private Events

We take care of everything so you can enjoy your event. Contact us for more details about our group menu.


In a hurry? Don’t feel like cooking? Take a look at our menu and give us a call so you can enjoy a nice dinner in the comfort of your home.

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate from Villa Armando is the perfect idea for any occasion! Contact us or come by anytime to get one!


We work with passion and any application from a devoted candidate, either as a cook or part of the waiting team, will be welcome.


What they say about us

  • Main courses were all he-man-sized and delicious. [...] Finally, we T.M.R. residents have a serious restaurant to call our own. Hooray!
    Lesley Chesterman
    Gazette Fine-Dining Critic
  • Le potage de lentilles [...] était absolument exquis. Quant aux tortellinis, servis dans leur sauce rosée, ils étaient parfaits.
    Lilianne Lacroix