Culinary Academy

At the Académie culinaire italienne Villa Armando, the chef Armando Risa offers easy to learn and useful cooking classes either for basic beginners in the kitchen willing to learn the basics of authentic Italian cuisine or for those who want to improve their gastronomic skills.

Private Classes

Learn how to cook like a chef

At each class students will attend, the chef Armando Risa will prepare a starter, a plate of pasta, a main course consisting of meat or fish and a dessert. Please arrive with an empty stomach since you will be privileged to taste each plate that the chef will have prepared!

With the chef Armando Risa’s cooking classes, choosing your day-to-day ingredients at your local grocery store as well as maximizing their nutritive values will have never been easier. Soon, you will discover that eating healthy tasty food at home doesn’t necessarily mean you become a “cordon bleu” to do so!

Please note that all recipes as well as the ingredients are given during each class, but that personal notes need to be taken in order to complete the class. A little note book, as well as a pen would be useful.

Students must subscribe to a full session consisting of 3 classes in a row

When? Monday nights from 6PM to 8PM.

For Who? For Everyone. Classes can be offered in French, English and Italian.

How much? 300$ for 3 classes. 100$ per additional class.

Corporate Activities

Cooking class for companies

Come discover the secret ingredients of a winning team!

L’Académie Culinaire italienne Villa Armando proposes an unforgettable evening filled with creative activities that will challenge your employees to work as a team but also satisfy everyone’s expectations when it comes to learning the real notions of authentic Italian cuisine with the chef Armando Risa from Rome!

A cooking class for companies?

As we know, a growing numbers of companies in North America have discovered that the best decisions are usually taken either around the table with a nice glass of wine or in the kitchen were the action takes place.

Since 2006, L’Académie Culinaire italienne Villa Armando has answered companies needs by organizing custom cooking class for business meetings, by creating training workshop in the kitchen in order to build-up team work but also to give your employees and clients a great memorable experience of a special event of your choice.

L’Académie Culinaire Villa Armando can welcome groups from 10 to 30 people for a private cooking class with the chef. Our activities are taking place in the modern kitchen of the restaurant located in the oldest house of town Mount-Royal. The creation of the menu that will be done usually accommodates all needs and everyone will love what they will learn in the kitchen with the chef!

Would you like to organize a special activity for your employees and clients? The expertise of the chef and its employees is offered to you!